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Review all the events that made up the news of the Bagoto® company, and follow the evolution of the product range.


April: the Bagoto team sets sail to Foire de Paris! A blockbuster on board called Vegan and also an advertising clip that’s gonna make a smash!!!
…no more needs to be said… stay tuned and you will soon meet the members of the…family.
February-March: Gerpinnes, Estinnes-au-Val, Artcom, Le Parc naturel Haute Sûre-Forêt d’Anlier have chosen Bagoto for their awareness campaign.
Jan: the media conglomerate RTL Group has chosen to personalize Bagoto to its red color for its radio chain BEL RTL and to its blue color for its TV chain RTL-TVI.

historique bagoto couleurs et styles


Sep/Oct/Nov: the promotional Bagoto resumes its journey and meets new adopters for its concept such as « Concierge Durable », Axial and Billon the auto repair shops, the Lebanese Red Cross…
August: during this past Summer from the 1st to the 31st of August, you could find Bagoto in the Total Service Stations network excluding highway locations.
July: from the 20th to the 26th, Bagoto was available in 100 Auchan Hypermarkets.
A big scale operation Bagoto Wapp was initiated by the Wallon ministry of environment who launched a huge clean roads driver awareness campaign.
May: 4th Bagoto press release announcing its first collaboration with Renault car manufacturer for its launching of a major distribution campaign of the Bagoto « Passion for Life », this step marks the ongoing creative evolution and expanding distribution of the Bagoto trade mark.
April: The personalized Bagoto goes into development in the Belgium municipalities of Wavre, Gerpinnes, Courcelles, and for the second year in a row at Montigny le Tilleul
March: Bagoto innovates even more by riding the environmental wave, and this by creating a reusable accessory for its anchor product the Bagoto bag: formybagoto®, is a reusable ashtray made out of inflammable cardboard material to be inserted in the Bagoto bag and it comes with a pack of deodorizing sand. This product was launched during Bagoto’s 4th participation at Foire de Paris on April 29th, 2016.
January/February: Onegum and Bagoto, 2 indispensable road buddies for a safe and clean drive! A large scale promotional campaign will take place in the Total service stations network nationwide, focusing on the 2 startup enterprises Bagoto and Onegum.
During the whole month of March, for 2 packs of Onegum bought, you will receive a Bagoto for free!

historique bagoto couleurs et styles


November/December: at the initiative of “Club Generation Responsable” and during the general mobilization for the climate, on Tuesday December 8th in the Trade & Climate pavilion at the Grand Palais, personalized Bagotos of different colors were offered to the participants for environmental awareness.
Bagoto, in terms of promotional tool is thriving more and more with collaborations from Europcar in Belgium, the European association for the French Bulldog, “SDEDA” (Syndicat Departemental des Dechets de l’Aube), the official tourism promotional sites for the region of Wallonie and Brussels and some nice collaborations with com agencies such as Idefix and 21 Sud.
September/October: a promotional tour in the U Hypermarkets with the participation of Daniele Gilbert.
During the celebration of its 20th anniversary, the FEEF (Federation des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France) offered its personalized Bagoto to all its guests upon the delivery of the « Gres d’or 2015 » awards at the Folies Bergere.
The township of Jurbise communicated with its personalized Bagoto during the week of the mobility ; the same as have done previously the townships of Montigny le Tilleul and Wanze in Belgium.
May/June: exclusive distribution in large-scale food retailing stores, signed with Systeme U for 200 hypermarkets and supermarkets in France.
April : launch of the « Para » collection at Foire de Paris 2015.
March: Bagoto chosen by Copidec (a public interdepartmental waste management consortium in Belgium, Wallonie) to launch its « Be WAPP, Be HAPPY » cleaning campaign, the big spring clean up.
January: Bagoto in permanent evolution… Creation of a new collection, « Para » (« For »), to mark the practical, useful and modern aspects of the line of Bagoto products : Paratudo, Paraela, Parapraia. Environment, reusability, eco-awareness, usefulness, creation, modernity and innovation are the keywords defining the brand that is constantly adapting to demand.

historique bagoto couleurs et styles


December: The customized Bagoto scores new markets in a variety of fields: a first collaboration with « Keep It Clean » for Petrofac Dubai – Sodi offers Bagoto as end-of-year gifts – « The Old Forge« , a charming and famous Scottish pub in Knoydart, Scotland offered Bagoto as a new way to communicate.
October: Carrefour renews its order for the whole hypermarket network in Belgium (45 locations).
« Ragues », multi-specialist in auto-spare-parts, heavy trucks & industry, is also offering its own Bagoto.
July: 2nd press release for Bagoto – announcement of the establishment in supermarkets – Système U signs an exclusive distribution agreement (for Foodstores only ) in France until the summer of 2015 – presence in 30 stores in November 2014 and 184 in June 2015 .
Bagoto is sold in 4 stores in Lebanon.
June: signing of the first distribution contract in foodstore chains with Carrefour Belgium – presence in 41 hypermarkets.
Market test in 15 independant Total stations in France.
May / June: Awareness campaign by ICDI of 14 Belgian municipalities, relayed by television (RTL , RTBF, TV5 Europe).
April / May: Foire de Paris 2014 – evolution towards B2C and great media coverage around the concept and the product : reports and interviews on BFM , France 2, France 5…

historique bagoto couleurs et styles


October: launching of the Terra collection, designed in beige, khaki, brown, fall color shades for back to school.
April/May: Foire de Paris, media and public meet Bagoto – the product is relayed at all levels , even « political » (such as a favorite for Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet).
Meeting with a big car manufacturer.
April: The Foire de Paris insists on the participation and presence of Bagoto
March: launching of the first Bagoto press release – many press and web publications, including internationally, relay the Bagoto information and image: an innovative idea and a « trendy » product.
Bagoto starts exporting: USA, Qatar, La Reunion Island…
February: evolution in the customization technique and Bagoto opens its own workshop in the Parisian region.
First collaboration with the Polangis facility for the disabled.
Bagoto makes its debut in the educational system, with its collaboration with eco sensitive associations.

historique bagoto couleurs et styles


September: Bagoto enhances its product line with the introduction of the biodegradable Bagoto, made 100% of natural bamboo fiber
The City of Créteil invites Bagoto to participate in heritage day and communicates with its own personalized Bagoto
Advertiser’s contracts start flowing and the 1st special events Bagoto are created for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter…
April 2012: meeting with « The Big Ears » (online media) for a first segment with a high visibility featuring « side walk interviews » conducted by journalist Fredérique Romano. 1st collaborations with ESAT (support services through work, the Polangis workshops).
Bagoto uses the Parisian street markets for live tests with customer product receptivity.
March: evolution of the products’ line and creation of the colored Bagoto (10) for sale as of May 2012.
February: 1st TV segment on France 2, which choses as website of the day.

historique bagoto couleurs et styles


December: 1st contract signed with Natura, a customer in Brazil
Bagoto starts its marketing simultaneously in B2B and B2C
November: creation of the 1st website and opening of the online shop
October: 1st prototypes available
Launching the manufacturing: Bagoto in Black and white
August: collaboration with Defimex Belgique, our partner in the manufacturing process
July: trademark and model registration
May: writing the project – initial creation of the model and the trademark

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