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The personalized Bagoto with your customer’s logo

Once the Bagoto is personalized, it will not longer be just a waste bag for cars product, but it will also become an advertising tool; on the front of the bag our logo and slogan will be removed, thus creating an advertising space reserved for the customer.

customize bagoto

The personalized Bagoto targets each one of us

Institutions, associations, commercial entities, industries, financial institutions, insurance companies, petroleum companies, car manufacturers, small and medium size companies, artists, media agencies, governmental institutions, cultural, etc…

Besides its originality and practical aspects, Bagoto is also a different kind of advertizing support. It’s simple to use, efficient and a low-cost promotional and marketing tool, targeting any entity that is willing to communicate with an environmental message or simply to promote its trademak and/or a particular special event. (anniversaries, galas, end of year give aways…)

We offer the possibility of personalising the Bagoto by printing the cutomer’s logo, name, commercial message and/or slogan, on a printing surface:
• on the front side up to 13cm X 15cm (5 inches X 6 inches)
• either by silk screen printing or by heat transfer, prices vary from 0.60 euros to 1.85 euros depending on the printing method chosen, the number of colors and quantity.
• Minimum quantity : 500 bags
Contact us today! We can personalize your bags in any of our colors.

Bagoto for you, for all of us!

Download our technical specifications by clicking on the image below (PDF 430 Ko).

customize bagoto model

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